Colbern Road Public Meeting


Project Overview

Colbern Road Reconstruction

NW Colbern Road, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, has been programmed for reconstruction between M350 Highway and NE Douglas Street.

Purpose and Need

As the City of Lee’s Summit continues to grow, NW Colbern Road needs improvements for successful and safe usage to all users. Critical issues needed to be addressed include the alignment and approach of Blue Parkway onto Colbern Road, the roundabout, increased vehicle capacity, pedestrian access and safety within the corridor, and traffic access and management. The purpose of this project is to create a safer and more efficient corridor to accommodate current and future growth needs and promote economic investment along the corridor.


Corridor Improvements

The reconstruction will consist of multiple improvements to the roadway, bridge, and intersections throughout the corridor. NW Colbern Road will change from the existing 2-lane road to a 4-lane road with a raised 16-foot median.

A 5-foot sidewalk and a 10-foot shared use path will exist on the north and south side of the road, respectively. ADA improvements will be included throughout the limits of the project.

NW Blue Parkway will be realigned to meet the new roundabout. To accommodate for an increase in capacity, the approaches into and out of the roundabout are adjusted for safety and ease of maneuvering.

The existing bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad and Little Cedar Creek will be removed and replaced with a larger bridge with four lanes, a shared use path, and sidewalk. The sidewalk and shared use path will continue along NW Colbern past NE Douglas Street and tie into existing paths on the east end of the project. A raised median will be placed on NW Colbern east of Douglas.

Aesthetic improvements will be used throughout the project, including street lighting and landscaping. All utilities affected by reconstruction will be replaced or relocated accordingly. The project will include enclosed drainage and best management practices as it comes to hydraulics and hydrology.

NEPA coordination and environmental preservation efforts are being made throughout all aspects of the project. Historical sites and objects are also being preserved and maintained accordingly.

The NW Colbern Road and NE Douglas Street intersection will also see multiple improvements. NW Colbern Road and NE Douglas Street will now have two lanes in each direction. A northbound NE Douglas Street to eastbound NW Colbern Road dedicated right turn lane will be added. A southbound NE Douglas Street to westbound NW Colbern Road right turn lane will be added as well.



The design process is being submitted in stages.

  • Coordination and design work began in March 2019.
  • A detailed conceptual report was submitted to the City of Lee’s Summit in August 2019.
  • Preliminary plans were submitted in December 2019.
  • Right of Way plans (60% completion mark) were submitted in March 2020.
  • A final design set will be submitted in September 2020.
  • Construction will tentatively begin in spring 2021 and continue into the end of the construction season of 2022.
  • During all phases of construction, local access will be allowed. The Gardens at Unity Village and Unity Villa Apartments will remain accessible throughout the project.  


Project Partners

Garver has been leading the redesign of Colbern Road since February 2019. Partners of the project include the City of Lee’s Summit, Unity Village, and the Missouri Department of Transportation. The project is funded by the City of Lee’s Summit, Federal Funding via STP-3301 (527), and the State of Missouri Governors Cost Share Program (GOVCS11).